What is a child psychologist and how to use it

Here we will talk specifically about child psychology. The first and most important recommendation – do not be afraid of the psychologist in a kindergarten or school. His or her mission is to help you and your child, but the principal is still the parents and they decide how to raise their child.

What is a psychologist? Psychologist Work always begins with a diagnosis of the level of child development: his attention, memory, perception, thinking, cognitive sphere, and so on; or status: the level of anxiety, of fear, features emotional and volitional.

After that the psychologist can provide diagnostic results to parents, caregivers and teachers. And to these results the decision on the future work with the child. In some cases, you can restrict recommendations that may perform at home or in the classroom. And sometimes you may need sessions with a psychologist individual or group. What problems can be solved with the help of such activities?

The first group of problems is related to the intellectual sphere. This is the work on the development of attention, perception, memory, and so on. All this takes place in the form of games and interesting tasks that the child easy to do, and as a result it increases the amount of memory and improves concentration.

The second group of problems is the complexity of emotional and volitional. And then possible to work with children’s fears and anxiety, aggression, conflicts in the team, tantrums, disobedience (but then most likely need to be working together with someone the child does not listen), low self-esteem, stiffness, difficulty in communication and any other problems down to enuresis.

The third group of problems arise at school age and that the complexity of the problems in the development of the school.

And in the middle and high school age psychologist can also be useful. How to work on teenage problems, and to conduct career guidance and assistance in the selection of areas for future training.

How it works? If we talk about the development of attention, and so on, then there is a set of exercises and their modifications, as well as a psychologist knows about how attention, thinking, memory and perception are formed at the child, he can need to invent or modify existing methods for a particular child. And when dealing with the complexities of the emotional nature of the basic idea is to give the child the opportunity to secure for themselves and others relive the emotions of the situation (including the poor), to help him to recognize and manage them at the right time. All this is done through play, drawing, tales and so on. Repeated playing the difficult situation the child in real life, it becomes easier to survive. In addition psychologist has no educational function, so the child when it may even be evil and harmful. And so you need to stay to learn to be different, too, to realize that despite the fact that sometimes we get angry, we do not repel. This is a very important decision an experience that can be compared only with moments of childhood, when mom just loves her child no matter what.

Yet it is important to understand that at some stage you may need the assistance of other professionals such as speech therapists or neuropsychologist. And it can also be recommended to a psychologist.

And most importantly, remember that all about, and we can always talk.

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