My education

Formally speaking my education is:

09/2002-07/2007 Moscow State University of Psychology and Education Specialist Degree in Psychology (qualified as Psychologist and Teacher of Psychology Department of Psychological Counseling (child and family psychotherapy)

09/2006-11/2012  Moscow Gestalt Institute Professional Certificate in body-oriented psychotherapy within gestalt approach (in-depth practice-oriented training)

2010-2011 Body Centered Gestalt Therapy. Resources and technics.

Montessori Training:

09/2014-11/2014   Anne Frank Montessori School (Doesburg, Netherlands) Professional internship and Montessori training (attended classes, helped teachers prepare materials for children, carried out some individual work with children (in Dutch)

11/2012-12/2012  1st Nienhuis Montessori Retreat (Nienhuis Montessori, Netherlands)

02/2009-09/2012   Professional Training “Montessori in XXI century” Taught by Dutch trainers Els Mattijssen, Maria Rosa den Oudendam and Ward van de Vijver

09/2009   Professional Training “Montessori course 3-6” Taught by Russian Montessori trainer Nadezhda Smirnova

To make it less formal I’d like to add that in 2000 I graduated from Moscow Waldorf School. And spent two years on trying to become a linguist, but discovered that it was not my cup of tea.

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